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Good news, I flew my F-14 on the weekend, some pics attached.

Very happy with its performance, swept the wings back on the 2nd flight!!!

29.2kg dry. 2x K140 Turbines

Kind Regards,

Paul McCarthy


Skymaster F-18f 1/6.25 , Pilot : Pablo Perez de Tudela

Skymaster F-18f 1/6.25 maiden by Simon To in HKMEC


Skymaster BAe Hawk 1/3.65 maiden powered by P-300pro


Skymaster 1/5 F-86 from Thailand

Skymaster 1/6.25 F-18f Aggressor maiden powered by twin K-160




Skymaster 1/6 F-4 maiden powered by 2 K-160

Hi John,

I would like to share nice video and photo for your website.
Mr. Kubo's Large Hawk( 1:3.65) flew in Shizuoka Pref. back in Mt. Fuji.
Worth to watch landing scene.  Main gear touch down -> front gear down.


Please put photo and video in your website if you are ok.


Maiden of the Skymaster F-18F Super Hornet went well at the Apollo field, with twin K160s at the tail,
 had a total of 4 flights today!
Barry Hou


Skymaster F-18C 1/5.75 power by 2 Merlin 200xbl


Skymaster F-18f 1/6.25 powered by twin K210 / pilot ; Jim Martin


Skymaster Viper Jet XXL maiden with K-310


Skymatsre 1/5 F-16 power by P-300pro maiden


Skymaster 1/4.75 Hawk 100 power by ATJ 220


Skymaster A-10 Mr. Chang from China


Ours friends happy with their f 16 -1/5 skymaster, programmed in house of power hobbies -
 Demon cortex pro kingtech turbine k -310.

Skymaster Viper Jet XXL power by P-200


Hi Anton I wanted to send you a picture of Adelmo and his new F-9 Cougar.
The jet flew perfectly, very stable in all envelopes and Adelmo really enjoyed flying this Jet.
With a Jet central Rhino it had more than enough power for this one.

Best regards,

Michel Durand

Hi Skymaster Team,

here some informations and pictures for your website :
A brand new AVANTIS XXL from France with K210G and a beautiful smoke system.

Best Regards


Skymaster F-4E 1/6 test flight with 2 K-160


John, I flew the T33 jet and what am amazing jet. What engineering skymaster has done.
Everyone should own a skymaster T33. Love the jet, it is such pleasure to fly. Simply thank you
Amir Abtahi

Finally got the maiden done and all I can say is what a great flying jet.
My only complaint is with myself I waited so long in the day to finally do the flight i only got one other flight.

David Elizondo

Skymaster / SebArt flying demo team at Jet Power 2017:
Carli Tiziano with F16 1/5 & De Marchi Luca with the brand new F-4E 1/6 .. fantastic performances


This is My SkyMaster F16 TEAM WORK J-16 turbine Jet Italia ATOM 250.......Perfect Fly !!!

Best Regards

Dimitri Meazza     ITALY

Hi Anton, here are a few pictures and video of my F-16 1/5. This jet is simply amazing,
it is definitely one of the best jets I have flown. Very fun, very acrobatic, and always stays in control, no mater how slow you fly.
This one has now over 2 years and many flights….

Congrats on an excelente design…


Best regards,

Michel Durand

Hello Anton and John, here a picture with my Brother who was my helper and this fantastic plane...
thanks a lot for your help Christophe Régnier. 14th place. FRANCE

Avanti XL formation team Italy

Fifth place at JWM 2017

Thanks to Helicenter for assembly
Jet Italia for the turbine
Angelo Minici for finishing
Skymaster for the fantastic model.

 Tiziano Carli (Italy team)


Skymaster F-104G Powered by K-210G from Taiwan


Skymaster F-16C 1/5 power by K-310 from Taiwan


Powered by Jetcat SPT-10


Skymaster 1/5.75 F-18C from Switzerland

First flight was one Engine take-off. Flame out during take-off, but no problem. Second flight a log more performance.
On booth flights Main Gear remained down. Need help! But a beautifull easy flying model! Reto Senn


I got this answer yesterday from Anton. I made the changes. Now everything works perfect.

Thanks & Regards


Awesome day for a maiden in Alberta, Canada. Skymaster F-18F with 2x Kingtech 160G2's and JR 28x.
2 flights went perfect!/ Pilot :
Andrew Pohlmann


Skymaster F-16 1/5 power by BT-350 / Pilot: Sebastiano Silvestri



Mario Gomes's Skymaster F-18D 1/5.75 powered by twin K-160 / Pilot: Andre Fly Aero Pupin



Hi Anton, today I did the maiden of the new F-18F 1:6.

I must say this jet is simply amazing, very good prescience in the air and incredibly stable to fly.

For power I use two Jet Central Cheetah turbines which produce enough power to have huge verticals.

Landings where very easy and stable also.

This is an absolute winner Anton. Congrats on a great jet.

Here is a video of the maiden day.



Best regards,

Michel Durand


Skymaster F-18C 1/5.75 maiden power by twin K160


Skymaster F-16 1/5 maiden powered by Jet Cat P-220RXi / Pilot : Tom Telesca (FL)


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