Skymaster ARF Saab Jas-39 Gripen Instructions Manual 

install the 3 pcs fuel tanks

  Take out the front servos mount, 

connect nose cone to fuselage by 6 screws  

Canards shafts and servo arm must be installed first (make sure that there is a minimal lateral movement) 

Take out the Engine cover then setup the two screws for rudder fin
When you place the rudder fin in the fuselage, please make sure you use thread lock or a spring washer to set the screw in tightly.  Also, make sure you check the screw regularly to ensure that the rudder does not come loose.  Please keep in mind, if the rudder is even slightly loose, it could cause flutter and serious damage on the plane.  

 Glue the 6 Hinges for the Wings

install the two servos for the Elevons

We suggest use of the Futaba # 9204. (#9151) or JR # 8425 (#8511 or 8611) servos for the elevons

Glue the servo mounts for the elevon servos and cut the hole then glue for Rod Horns 

Note:  Please make sure the servo is secured to the mount.  The servo mount base should have enough surface area to hold it.  If you only glue the servo mount directly to the wing surface without additional support may cause the whole thing to rip off in extreme conditions.  This will cause serious damage to your plane such as fluttering.
We suggest you use a thin plywood or layer of fiberglass to increase the base surface space before you glue the servo mount.. 

 connect both push-pull rods for Elevon servo control (the ARF Gripen kit  includes 2 rods for Elevons)

 install both with main Fuel Tank 

make the bulkheads holes to fasten the dual wall tail pipe. 

The tail flange has two brackets. Mark and drill holes in the brackets so they line-up with the holes in the right / left bulkheads holes.

make the holes for install the Landing gear

install main gear with setup air pipes for air breaks for the main gear

If you use the Jet Cat Engine you must add glued two (2) engine mounts 

Notice: Because the engine mounts are not placed in the usual position, the gravitation from landing and the turbine weight could cause a lot tension to the engine mount to detach.   Please check the engine mounts regularly for properly maintain and prevent detaching that can cause great damage to the plane.  In case there has been a heavy landing, checking at this time is absolutely necessary.  The extra tension on the engine mount could increase the chances of damage to your plane. 

In the case that you find a loose engine mound, we recommend using tension epoxy such as Hysol to reinforce the mount. 

make sure the engine is on the center line and adjust the engine position fore and aft as necessary


 install the servos for the Canard  (the ARF Gripen kit  includes a rod for Canard)

setup the front servo and make two piano wires control to the nose gear

install the retracts control servo with break control servo, install two (2) valves for jet engine with the fuel pump

install two batteries into nose cone for CG balance

set-up elevator function for up / down movement for each to between 25 mm ~ 30 mm  

set-up ailerons function for up / down movement for each to between 8 mm ~ 10 mm

set-up Canards function for up / down movement for up ( 50 mm / down 35mm)

@ rudder is not used on this ARF Gripen, if you wish or need to use the rudder function, you need to do the following: the fins include all wood material needed for the optional rudder function, if you need to use rudder, you must cut the rudder yourself.


For those that are not familiar with the delta wing and the canard, we recommend setting up your radio with 2 or 3 flight mode. One for regular flight, one for landing, and another option for 3D flight maneuvers. Please refer to the set-up diagram in the manual for range of regular flight mode. For landing mode, we recommend reducing the canard range by 50% or more.

For 3D flight maneuvers, you may want to set up another flight mode with the range of the card and aileron to its maximum.

We wish you had a nice flight.  

the Products ARF Gripen first flight in the Taiwan Powered by JetCat P-80



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