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F-9f Cougar






F-16 1/8

F-16 1/6.75





Bae Hawk

F5 /T38/F20


Viper Jet  M

 Viper Jet S




New G3 Bae Hawk and Hawk 100

ARF PLUS " 1/5.5 Bae Hawk " PRO version Complete Kit

Length: 83" (2100mm). Wingspan: 70'' (1780mm). 

Power: 17~27Lb (8~12kg) thrust  

Radio: min. 7 ~ 10 Servos required 

Kit Feature: Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spars
Dual ball bearing for elevator 
Carbon fiber tube for vertical fins shaft
All live Hinging” with precision gap sealing
Accurate scale surface with details and full rivets 
Super light and much stronger




X-Treme Hawk Powered by K-80

Oleo legs with wheels for Hawk

Changed to Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell $ 65.00 / order No: #AP512K
Speed Brake kit (installed) $ 45.00 / Options

We now accept the Payment by PayPal or Credit card ..

Special $ 2695,-(Combo)
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware. cockpit details.) 

Hawk100: Length: 85" (2170mm) Long Nose

Professional External Painted










We now accept the Payment by PayPal or Credit card ..

BAeHawk: Length: 83" (2100mm) Short Nose

Special $ 2695,-(Combo)
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware. cockpit details.) 

Professional External Painted






#BH454 A










Professional installed the L/G with Gear Doors

cockpit details $195.00USD installed

Plus $ 59.- USD to get the Pilot 1/6 for Hawk


BVM "Ultimate Air Trap" (U.A.T.) $ 79.50 USD

Air-Line Quick-Connects Assembly / $ 25.00USD

BAe Hawk powered by K100 from Dr. Chang Taiwan

Hi John,

Can I share a photo of my Skymasters/ xtreme jet  Hawk-100. Its powered by a Jetcat P140RX. The hawk is one of those Planes that are really easy to fly. I am very happy with this model. The photo was taken in Al Lisaili Flying field in Dubai,UAE.

Thank you Skymasterjets / xtreme jets,

Frank Desiderio


X-Treme ARF Hawk 100 Powered by K-140


Dear Anton

Sometimes things just need longer … ;-)

I just recently had the maiden flight with my Hawk from an early first series (!) Skymaster kit in strong and gusty winds.
Just have to say that even this first series kit does fly nicely
on a P120 with absolutely no
nasty habits at all flap settings and speeds.

I added a custom-made Aden gun pod, which gives the airplane a special appearance and also supports knive-edge flight.

Weight is 14.9 kg “wet” with full 2.7 liters main tanks plus BVM hopper tank.

Thanks to
Rainer for coaching!

Kind regards


from Switzerland

Skymaster ARF PLUS BAe Hawk from Mr. KEVIN Taiwan

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms5MDV4ei48 

Skymaster ARFF PLUS BAe Hawk Powered by Jet Cat P-120SE from Czech

Mr. Steve line with his Skymaster ARF PLUS BAe Hawk from UK

Skymaster ARF PLUS Hawk (T-45) from Taiwan

Maiden flight Video: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=pxe3fatBwwI 


Hi Anton,

     Some pictures of my now complete Sky Master Hawk. I thought you might like some of these pictures for you web site? Maiden flight due very soon!


Thanks Regards Lee Sinton (UK)


Skymaster ARF PLUS Hawk from Mr. FADZROL -Malaysia

Ali Hawk
Hawk in grass field