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   ARF PLUS" 1/8 F-18F " PRO version Complete Kit

Scale: 1/8

Length: 90 "(2280mm). Wingspan: 67' (1690mm). 
Power: 25~35Lb (12~16kg) thrust  
Radio: min. 8 ~ 12 Servos required  

Kit Features: Carbon fiber tube plug-in for wings spars 
Carbon fiber tube elevator shaft 
Dual ball bearings for elevator 
Carbon fiber shaft for vertical fins shaft
All live Hinging with precision gap sealing
Accurate scale surface with details and full rivets 
Super light and much stronger

Changed to Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell $ 65.00 / order No: #AP182K
Speed Brake installed $ 45.00 (AP188) Options
Ordinance kit for F-18F 1/8(painted) $ 265.00 Options

We now accept the Payment by PayPal or Credit card ..

Special $ 2695,-(Combo)
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware.) 

(AF 187NF) 

Jolly Rogers (AF 187AA) 


VFA-211(AF 188)

(AF 188CA)

#AF190 (order number)

Professional installed the L/G with Gear Doors

the cockpit details $195.00 USD w/o Pilots

Plus $ 59.- USD to get the Pilot 1/7.5 for  F-18F

BVM "Ultimate Air Trap" (U.A.T.) $79.50 USD

Hello Anton.

  Here is a picture of my F-18F, that i finally finished this summer. It is powered by a Simjet 2300, which gives the F-18F ample power for scale flying. I especially like the slow landing speed of the model. Thanks for making these good quality models. Regards Stig Andersen Nordborg/Denmark

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-18F Powered by TJT3000 from Steven Wong (Singapore)

Dear all, Yesterday was another great day. First flight of my F -18F powered with a Jetcat P160SE.

It is  really stable in the air and easy to fly . Great plane but too fast for my girlfriend to take a nice picture during flyby ! Sorry.

Just two nice photos at home. Many thanks, Regards, Antoine BARUA.

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-18F new color scheme powered by Jet Cat P-160SE / from Mr. Kevin Marks (AZ USA)

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-18F powered by Jet Central Rhino from Michel (Chile)


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-18f Back Diamond Powered by Jet cat P-160 SE / Dong from Taiwan

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-18F Diamond Back with Jet Central Rhino for power.  
Builder / Owner: Boli Muentes, Lake Worth, Florida.

Hello, Anton The jet flies like a dream and I an very happy to own it.  Thank you for producing such a fine jet!

   Sincerely,  Boli Muentes

Hi Anton, here are some pictures from the new F-18F on the day of the maiden. 
The jet flies incredible and landings are so smooth. In general an excellent jet. Best Regards,


Skymaster Jet ARF F-18E from Mr. Steve Scott USA

Skymaster F-5 & F-18E just finished maiden flight powered by Artes Eagle / the Michel from Chile 


Skymaster ARF F-18E from Essex, UK

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-18f Back Diamond Powered by Jet cat P-160 SE / Dong from Taiwan


Hello Anton,

Here are some pictures of my F18F SM ARF Plus.This plane is  so nice in flight!

                                                                  Best regards.Etienne from Paris.   

Skymaster ARF F-18E Powered by PST J1300R from PST Thailand

Skymaster ARF F-18E from Taiwan


Hello Anton, Here is a picture of me 2 weeks ago at the Kingman Arizona Airshow! 
There I performed with your F-18E Royal Maces...in front of 10,000 people...great fun!