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Customer's MB-339

HI Anton, last summer had my Skymaster MB339 (Jetcat 160sx) maiden. What a great jet


Hello Skymaster,

That and my new MB-339, one of the best aircraft I've ever flown. It has a very strong flight and jet plane like no other.

Thank you!


Hello Anton,


That and my MB-339 with a JR radio and Rhinno. This jet and wonderful, never flown anything so docile and easy.

Congratulations for the beautiful engineering!




Hi Anton and John. I have done the maiden flight on my new MB339 yesterday.

A very beautiful airplane with amazing flying characteristics.

Dry weight of the plane is 19kg and is powered by G-Booster 160.


Marios Hadjikypris


Hello Anton,

The MB339 made his first 4 flights and flies like on rails. Overall performance is super, no bad habbits observed.
The plane is fully aerobatic and landings very predictable. Engine installed Jetcat P-160SE with smoke system,
Also speed brake and navigation/landing light installed. Great Job,  Regards: Leo Kruyssen, Holland.

Skymasyter MB-339 with Jet Cat P-200 / Pilot : Wojtek Iwanczyk from USA

Skymaster ARF PLUS MB-339 / Owner : Robbie Meek from UK

Hi skymaster here are some pictures from my skymaster MB-339 aermacchi, it flies amazing!
Thank you,
Mauricio Herrera , Mexico.

Robbie Meek, myself and Rob's right hand man Dave after Robbie logged a batch of flights on his new MB339. P-160 power was perfect for the great model, and the bright red showed up so well in the Winter sky.  Yet another great ARTF jet Anton, thanks!

Skymaster MB339 with Hydraulic L/G just finished the maiden flight from MR. Morne (S.Africa) Powered by Omage 160



I would like to share some pictures that were taken of my SM MB339 yesterday. We fly on a frozen lake in Norway (Bjørkelangen) and you can see how bright and clear the pictures are. Just imagine being there :-)


The plane is rock steady - the best bird I ever have flown! It is powered by a Merlin 170, Futaba 14MZ, Hitec HS7955TG, Details 4 scale sport lightning system, A123 batteries with an emcotec powerdisitributor. Dry weight is close to 20 kg. Thanks Anton for making this plane! Brg, Thomas Lorentzen Jets of Norway

SEBA with his Skymaster ARF PLUS MB-339

Hi Anton

I make today the maiden flight with my new MB-339. It has excelent flying characteristics. Im very happy.

The weight is 20kg empty and the Turbine is a JetCat 120SE. Power enough.

Best Regards from Switzerland and thanks an the dealer Thomas Höchsmann 

Dear All in skymaster. Last Satarday I did the maiden flight of my MB339. MB339 is an excelent product. It has excelent flying characteristics. 
It is very stable and smooth. it is powered by a new version of G-Booster 160 (160Kg thrust). Wheight of the plane is 20.3Kg empty.
Please find attached some pictures for you website.
Thanks a lot. Marios Hadjikypris CYPRUS

Hi Anton,I've attached some pictures of my new MB339 ARF Plus for your gallery.
Last week,I did the maiden flight and the plane flys like a dream. The MB339 is very stable and easy to fly.
It is powered by a Frank turbine TJ74S (16Kg thrust) and only half power was used.The weight is 20Kg empty.

Hi Anton we did the maiden of the MB-339 and the jet flew awesome, very stable and easy to fly. Landings where very easy and controlled. The MB-339 is capable of most aerobatics making it a very fun jet to fly. We have a Rhino for power and only half power was used for straight flight, applying full power only for verticals. The owner Gonzalo, is very happy with the jet. Here are a few pictures. Michel JetsRC www.jetsrc.com  

Mr. Hoechsmann Thomasc & his new Skymaster ARF PLUS MB-339

Skymaster ARF PLUS MB-339 / Owner Mr. Richard from NETHERLANDS

Dear Mr Lin, last week I did the maiden flight of my new MB 339. It flys great, everything works perfect.
It is powered by a Frank Turbine TJ 74s (15kg thrust). Weight is 19,4kg empty.
Thanks also to Mr Höchsmann for assistance Sincerely Christian, Germany

Anton, I've attached some pictures of my SM Mb339 for your gallery....painted in the Argentinean Navy scheme
....Artes Rhino powered....fantastic combo.....fantastic flyer...

Ryan Haldenwanger Littleton, Colorado

Skymaster MB-339 attended 2007 JWM Ireland from S.Africa

Skymaster MB-339 attended 2007 JWM Ireland from Qatar

Skymaster MB-339 present 6th JWM / designer & Pilot : Anton Lin 

Anton Lin with Skymaster MB-339 behalf Taiwan team for present 6 th Jet world Master Hungary  

(This picture was taken in finished 3rd Flight with Taiwan team in 6th JWM Hungary)

Skymaster ARF MB-339 from MR. David Murray, IL  USA , Powered by P-120



Skymaster's MB-339 Jets from USA

Skymaster ARF MB-339  / owner MR. Egil Wigert 


MB-339 at Florida Jets

Mick Burrell MB-339

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