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Customer's A-10

Skymaster A-10

Engine: Jet Italia Speed140

Radio: Futaba T18MZ + 2X R7008SB

Powerbox Royal

from Mr. Disanto Luca Italy


Other perfect Maiden Flight A-10 Skymaster .Build and program for Franco Di Mauro in House of Power Hobbies  .
 Spektrum Dx 20 - cortex pro - kingtech turbine - MKS SERVO -jmp vale - xicoy valve- pulse battery. Franco Di Mauro


Skymaster A-10 by FPV flight



Picture of my A-10 on final at Victoria”¦s Largest Little air show last weekend. Photo by Mark Byrne


Skymaster A-10 Mr. Chang from China



Skymaster A-10 maiden power by twin P-140


Skymaster A-10 Power by twin KingTech K180G maiden flight in ChengDu SiChuan China


hi Anton.

another Skymaster A-10 was delivered in Brazil.

And another very satisfied customer with this super war machine.

It's a model airplane wonderful, very easy to fly, and a perfect scale.

And again it is the team that is Marquinho Modeling ahead of this assembly.

The aircraft was fitted with two turbines JetCentral Cheetah, Futaba radio 14 channels, servos Futaba 9157, PowerBox Royal, pneumatic Airpower.

see this machine Clip on YouTube


Skymaster A-10 with two Merlin 140x

Hi Anton, here are some pictures of the A-10 from pilot Jaime "Cuco" Aceval flying this weekend. As usual the A-10 fly's perfect and it is a very fun jet to fly. The customer is very happy with this jet which is powered by Jet Central engines and Powerbox Systems.

Best regards,




Hello Anton,

 I flew my SM A10 at Woodland/Davis, California Aeromodelers club. My good friend Jeff Lovitt took some nice pictures!!

This was my nineth flight with my SM A10 and the more I fly it the more I like it. All previous flights where done on a 5,000ft runway so it was time to try a shorter runway.

We had zero wind an on our runway that is 600ft long it took half for the landing! So freaking cool!!! My 2 JetMunts Merlins 140 are working too perfection and the amount of power OMG!

Here is a video my friend Richard Geerston took:  http://youtu.be/ciUWXEgLDW8


Warm regards,

Gonzalo Martinez

Northern California

Hi John,

The plane flies fantastikely well, stable and really realistic in the air.
This A-10 is as impressive as smooth in the air and the flying caracteristics are just the best!
Bearing in mind
that this A-10 is my first jet,
i decided to go for a real scale one and not for a beginner model that is usually ugly.
I really appreciate my choice and advise everyone who consider to go for a jet to start with this A-10 if affordable : no tricky manoeuvre for an average pilot! GO FOR THE A-10, he's a winner!

Thank you for such a wonderful kit,



maiden Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fy0LTBftFU


Skymaster A-10 maiden flight in Taiwanpowered by 2 x P-140

2012 Jet Power demo flight

A-10: http://youtu.be/5o1C3F0g-X8

Pilot: Mark Hiltom

Hi John we maddened the third A-10 in Chile. The jet is just simply amazing, the scale detail and flight performance are incredible.

This time the owner Pablo Perez de Tudela and builder Ariel Carmona where very happy with this jet.

This is the first jet to come out of the new Turn Key jets that JetsRC is offering to his customers. Custom build and finish.

Now powered with 2x Jetcat p140rx and controlled with power box srs.
Has 2 x c.a.t bubble traps and full MKS servos. DS660A+. Flies with full stores. See you at jet power..

Mark Hinton

The Malchione boys, Dave, Dave Jr., and Pete campaigned this Skymaster A-10 Warthog using twin JetCat P-100's for power.

Hi Anton,

three photos of my new A10. It flies perfectly and is really very impressive in flight!
The first flights took place in Switzerland had, on the grounds of the club Glovelier.
Thanks for this fantastic model
Best regards
Reynold and Sam

Hi Anton here are a few pictures of the new A-10 and his new owner Lincoln from Brazil,
 this jet was maidened at the recent Manecojets event in Brazil by no other than David Schulman.

The jet flew perfect!!!

The A-10 was completely assembled here in Chile and then sent to Brazil.




Anton, John, pic attached of Skymaster A10, flown  today, never went to fly or take pictures so sorry this is off of IPad, hope you like,
 It flies beautifully,  Powered by Jet Cat P-100 RX , congratulations on another great product ..
Mark Hinton UK


From Mark Hinton 2xJetcat P100sx great flyer. Thank you all at Skymaster.




Skymaster A-10 Powered by Jet Cat P-120SX / Greg Foushi from USA

Olá Anton, já estamos voando o Skymaster A-10 aqui no Brasil,  foi montado por Marquinho Modelismo com 2 JetCat P120SX,
 todos os servos JR8711, PowerBox, sistema da fumaça e iluminação completa, ficou simplesmente maravilhoso.

Agora vamos colocar as bombas e fazer novos vôos.

Um grande abraço.


Mr. Simon To with his Skymaster A-10 Maiden flight  powered by Jet Cat P-120 at Zhou Hai Airport China

Hi Anton here is a video of my A-10 at the JUSC 2011 jet event.

Check how slow it can land with airbrakes applied.


Best regards,




Skymaster ARF A-10  formation flying

Hi Anton,

Yesterday I did first test flight. Here is first pictures and video. Next week I will make next test flights I hope. I will inform you.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpluDcJUT7Y

after adjusted the CG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnKvBv6f5Yw&feature=youtu.be

Regards. Radek

Hi Anton please check the following comment on RCU.


Two years ago I learnt that Skymaster was coming out with the A-10 model and I told Michel from www.jetsrc.com that I needed to have one.
 I even remember that we were joking that with a US$ 1 deposit, I would secure one of the first units.

Almost two years later, I finally managed to maiden my A-10.

What I can say about it ? Just WOW”K”K.. what a great plane. We spent good time trying to set it up correctly in the ground and once in the air, just needed a few clicks to make it fly leveled. The airplane just has a great presence in the air and its very easy to see. With two Jet Central cheetahs, the plane has more than enough power.

Michel did the take off and landing just to make sure everything was OK with the plane and when it was my chance to take the controls, I must recognize that I was nervous like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Once again, I can only say WOW”K”K I thought it was going to be a heavy plane and that it was going to behave in that way, but that is far from true. The airplane flies very nicely. No bad tendencies and the landing was very smooth. Just make sure to apply a little of power an cut it once you have secure the runway. Not a floater like the Viper Jet, but for sure you can make some very nice landings with it.

For sure this plane is a winner”K”K”K..

Thanks to Michel for all his help setting up the plane and helping with the maiden. He is the best Skymaster dealer you can find but the most important, he is even a better friend.


Skymaster A-10 Powered by K-170 / Owner : Mr. Wong from Taiwan

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4CWcCqSEHI 

Hi Anton today I did the maiden of my A-10 powered by two cheetahs, the jet flys really well, very stable and it can fly very slow without snapping on stall.
Landing was a no issue as the jet was very predictable.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiiwMmEcsWI

Congratulations on an excellent jet...

Michel Durand


Likai 's New Skymaster A-10 Powered by 2 x Rhino


Skymaster A-10 Powered by 2 x K-80E / Owner : Morne from S, Africa

Skymaster A-10 Prototype finished the Test flight

 Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDbVa0jeAls





Sebastiano Silvestri  (Italy) test flight the Skymaster A-10 prototype when he visited our factory,

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