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Customer's F-16 1/6

Skymaster F-16 1/6 power by Jet Italia Kaiman 19kg
Luca Di Santo

Skymaster f-16 1/6 scale G2..powered by kingtech turbine 210k ..so beautiful jet 😍 Saad Alshammari


Hi Anton and John,

In attached a few pictures for your website of my second F16 1/6 and Frank Turbine FT 180 Raptor (20 kg thrust).

21 kg weight with full fuel .

What a wonderfull flying model. Fantastic bird !

See you on Jet Power and best regards from France

Gilles Bouscail



Hi anton !

this is my f-16 1/6  maidened last week ! 

powered by a frank 14kg thrust  turbine ! weight is only 15 kg plus 3,8 lt fuel !

unbelievable how it can fly slow and high alpha !!! 

and the landing is simple as an "AUTOLAND" !!

ciao Lorenzo from Milan 



Hi Anton and John – here are 3 great pictures of my F-16 gen. 2 in Norwegian colors,
it is great to see the real F-16’s in the air and then see mine looking just like them!

      This one has a Behotec 220N turbine and flies very nice and really fast if I want it to.

     Thank you for making these great models!

     Best regards, Tor

Hi Anton
Attached some pics of my 1/6 F-16 with custom Dutch Lion paint and some scale additions. Thank you for this great flying model �
 Marcel van Dellen from Anstria


Skymaster F-16 1/6 Taiwan air force powered by K210

Skymaster F-16 1/6 tiger meet maiden flight powered by K210



Skymaster F-16 1/6 powered by K-180



Hello there John, Anton and the Skymaster team,

I just did the maiden on my 1/6 G2 F16 this past weekend. Its such an awesome plane with real presence in the air and a great flyer.
Super fast but slows down great for landing.

Its powered by a Jetcat P180Rx using only the two saddle tanks, and the new Robbe Futaba SBUS PSS2018 system with the 18MZ with an animatronic Pilot.

Thanks very much Skymaster Team.

Kind Regards
Levi Wagner


Hi Anton, we did the maiden of the F-16 with custom scheme. As usual with the F-16 the maiden was perfect,
very little trimming and the jet was flying with absolutely no problem.

With full functioning flaps and slats the landing was very slow and controled.
The jet is powered by a Jet Central Rhino which gives excellent power to the jet.
The owner Pablo Perez de Tudela is very happy with the jet!!!
Michel Durand

Hello, John and Anton, 

I've had 5 successful with my F-16 It's powered by a Kingtech K170F and the dry weight is 13kg.  Here are some photos for your website.


Damien Ferrito


Hello, John and Anton, I had the first flight with my F-16 SW! It is powred by a Jetcat P-180RX,
and is dri 17 kilos. The start- flight- and landing performenc are very good!
I hope I can send to you later a short movie. Now, however, already photos for webside.
Greeting from switzerland
Marco Z.

Hi John and Anton – I maidened my new F-16 during the Fyresdal JetPower meeting here in Norway, and after a little trimming, she flew perfectly,
with my best landing ever!

What a great plane!!

Here is a video, the first flight is my maiden:

Best regards, Tor

Skymaster F-16 1/6 powered by K-180 / from Taiwan


Hello Anton and John,

some  pictures  of F 16  1/6   with  turbine   PBS TJ 20   -  210 N.

Great JET !!!

Test pilot and dealer PBS turbines.

Best Regards

Aleš Marhoun Czech Republic

Skymaster 1/6 F-16 G2 Powered by K-170



Extreme "High Alpha" maneuvers were demonstrated by David Ribbe with this Skymaster 1:6th scale F-16 on JetCat P-160 power.

2012 Jet Power demo flight

F-16 1/6 G2 : http://youtu.be/5UlhEweP3kU

Pilot: Mark Hiltom

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 Powered by P-180 / Mr. Wang from Taipei Taiwan



F16 G2 is a great flying machine, takes off so smooth and lands fantastic to, the gear is the finest,
and with the fuel loads, flights in the 10 mins are possible.. nice detail , Fantastic, thank you all at Skymaster.
Has a Jetcat for power, a tight fit but fully bypassed, with Powerbox-systems electrics and 2x Powerbox-system LiFe batts.

regards Mark and Anita Hinton.

Hi Anton, John
Here are some pictures of my F16 1/6, 18 kg dry.
Just made two flights, but feels very solid in the air.
It is powered by Jet central Mammoth with  homemade 100mm thrust tube.
Best regards from Belgium,

Skymaster ARF PLUS 1/6 F-16 powered by Kingteck K-170 / Owner : 陳保全

Hi John

2 pictures of my first F16....


Gilles Bouscail / France

Olá Anton, este é o novo F-16 Skymaster que estamos voando no Brasil, foi montado por Marquinho Modelismo,
utiliza Jet Cat P160SX, sistema de fumaça, iluminação e simulador de Afterburner.

Um grande abraço

Hi Anton, last weekend we went to one of the biggest jet events in Brazil, Manecojets 2011 was held in the city of Joinville and pilots from Brazil,
Chile, Argentina and the US where there. Skymaster had a big presence in the event with amazing jets flying all day.

Here are a few pictures of the event.

Best regards, Michel JetsRC


New color scheme of Skymaster F-16 1/6 Powered by Jet Cat P-180 / Taiwan

Hello John!

Here is my F16, with the new painting!

The motor: B300F

Dry weight: 16.6 kg

Only the new wings are „late”….:o)))

Sincerely: Andras


Hello Anton
I flew my F-16 at California Jets this weekend and it got a lot of compliments.  It's an amazing airplane!  The performance with the P-200 is outstanding!
Here are some pictures.  One of the pictures has 3 Skymaster F-16s.
Thanks, Dantley

Hi john, some picture of my F16 now with 60 flights, I changed the Merlin 160 for the new jet central Mammoth,
it increase hugely the vertical capabilities by keeping the very low speed flight possibilities.
I add some Mk82 bombs and external tanks in order to increase the scale look!
I have the evidence now of the huge capabilities of the gear in every types of landing conditions (crosswind, grass runway, bad flare...).
That is really the best gear I've ever used.
Good job, many thanks. Christophe.

Hi Anton, hi John,

here in Germany we have a little bit spring on Sunday.

I have 3 picture from my F 16 for your homepage!

Best regards Thomas Kempin

http://www.youtube.com/user/skymasterlin#p/a/u/2/d8fBXiyC_9c Pilot: Rob Lynch

Skymaster 1/6 F-16 powered by Behotech 180 / Pilot: Mr. Yie from Taiwan



Skymaster F-16 1/6 from customers of Taiwan

Skymaster 1/6 F-16 powered by Jet Cat P-180 / Pilot: Mr. Duang Taiwan

Skymaster F-16 1/6 at Airbase of Taiwan / from Mr. Chian


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 3D flight in RC Models meet Spain / Pilot : Sebastiano Silvestri



Skymaster F-16 1/6 at Airbase of Taiwan / Powered by Jet Cat P-160


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 Powered by Merlin 170 / Owner: Christophe Regnier, from France

Attached is a picture taken after the maiden flight. Thanks again for your help on Monday! Your crosswind landing skills are awesome. / Jeff








Here´s my F-16. Rafael Herrera,    Mexico. 

2009 Top Gun / The Skymaster demonstrations were handled by Dustin with the L-39 and Rob with the F-16, 
both JetCat powered.  Their dual routine exhilarated the crowd.


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 3D flight in RC Models meet Spain / Pilot : Seba



Billy Edwards Skymaster 1/6 Scale Thunderbird F-16. JR 12X, Jet Cat P-200


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 Taiwanese Air force color scheme Powered by Jet CatP-180



Hi Skymaster here are some pictures of Rafael Herrera´s F-16 Skymaster 1/6, it is powered by jet central rhino, It flies great, thankyou!
Rafael Herrera, Mexico.

 Mr. Jeff Tolomeo from Skymaster-USA  Jet cat P-180, Smart-Fly EQ-12, Futaba 14MZ


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/ 6 Powered by P-200 / Owner Mr. Ron Long from AZ USA

Hi Anton
i want to share you this pictures for your website, f-16 1\6 scale powered by AMT Pegasus.
it's very very nice plane and the owner (mohammed) have fun time with this F-16.
thanks for you and skymaster team for the pro version, and now i will
start build the next one. Best Regards Faisal Thowaini Kuwait Jet Team

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 Powered by BHOTECH J-180 from KEVIN ( TAIWAN )


Ali Machinchy with his Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 from Tor with Staale from Norway

Hello.. F16 1/6 Tiger Meet, excellent jet,"Built to fly"

 Congratulations SKYMASTER .........Best regards   Helder Cabeça / Portugal

Vídeo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVUdbIUeX4Y

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/ 6 from Mr. Ronald R Long (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)

Video: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=ue-MBezM6_s 

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 in Air show Taiwan 

Video: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=7OSjj1E52FU&eurl=http://www.rctw.net/thread-86041-1-1.html 

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16C 1/ 6 Powered by Jet Cat P-160 from Mr. Chang (Taiwan)

Video:  http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=1JJ-7eBFJt8

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 (Taiwan Air Force color scheme) from President. Wu (Taiwan) 

flight Video: 


Hi Anton today we tested the F-16 1/6 with full missiles and external tanks. We also had a smoke system installed. The F-16 flew great with the missiles on. Performance was not very affected by all this missiles and tanks and the F-16 just kept flying wonderfully.


Best regards, Michel JetsRC www.jetsrc.com







Petri Makela does it again...After installing our F-16 scale lighting and operational canopy systems, 
Petri had to get this magnificent shot of his Skymaster F-16 1/6. Petri can't wait for the operating nozzle unit.


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 in the Kentucky Jet Meet / Pilot : Bryce Watson  

Hi Anton, look this video for yo: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=yRrkk4aGvkI

 My F-16 1/6 Falcon TigerMeet Power by AMT Netherlands Pegasus HPES 16,5 K trust.

It's the Jet Meeting to Amiens (France Europe)

Pilot: Alain van Houtryve   Belgium.

Best Regards  Alain van Houtryve

Petri Makela's Tigermeet F-16. First with chute box installed, then with box installed, painted and chute deployed. Great job Petri..

Dear Anton,

I send you other photos of my F16 1/6 during the first Jet Meeting of 2008 here in Italy.

It was a success thanks to your fantastic kit.

All the partecipants have look to my model with high interest...

Best Regards Denny Monti - Collegno - Torino - Italy

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 in 2007 JWM Ireland / Jose Cavadas ( Portugal)

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 in 2007 JWM Ireland / Nasser Al Rabban ( Qatar)

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16 1/6 Tiger Meet from S.Africa 

Video: http://www.av-art.no/filer/modellfly/MaidenF16TorChr.wmv

maiden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-hmCVNrtmo
second flight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxbgqDO6nCs

Petri Makela does it again with his fabulous 1/6th Skymaster Tiger Meet F-16, winning first place at the April Model Expo in Finland. 
Congratulations Petri. Petri has the
Details 4 Scale's  lighting system, operating canopy system, 
speed brakes and drag chute installed in his Skymaster ARF PLUS F-16.  Thanks to him again for all the great photos.



We already finished Skymaster F-16 final test flight on Oct of 2005 / Designer & test Pilot : Anton Lin










F-16 Staale Pedersen
F-16 Jaime Aceval
F-16 with Afterburner Lights
F-16 Tor Christiansen
F-16 Taiwan
F-16 #1
F-16 #2
Prototype Video

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