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About us

Skymaster Jet Models

Service Phone: +86 13546912746 (John)

R & D Center & Factory :

2/F, 2nd Building , Julong Jiang lndustrial Area, Wang Niu Dun Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong
Pronvince, China 

+ 86 769 88518591
Fax: +86 769 88518592

E-Mail: skymasterjets@263.net  or skymasterjets@hotmail.com

Landing Gear Service Center

9F., No.275, Da-an Rd., Shulin area, new Taipei City 23849, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 0933 212 875

 Company Profile

              Skymaster jets are designed by experience RC pilot (Mr. Anton Lin) who started out building and flying ducted fan jets of all manufacturers in the 80s.

All prototypes are tested for static and dynamic loads and flight testing are done on each model before release to customer.

The Composite glass technology is done by Mr. Lee (glider champion) who manufacture 4m + gliders for competitions. Only highest quality imported epoxy resins and high temperature ovens and vacuum machines are used in manufacturing of Skymaster jets.

The landing gear is designed by a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering ( Dr Likai) and only highest grade aircraft aluminum from Taiwan is used. The landing gears of Skymaster jets are superior to any landing gear in the world. The price should be more than double. But Skymaster offer this to our customers at good prices because we know the landing gear is the most important part of a model jet.

Skymaster is backed by THREE of the BIGGEST names in the industry: Bob Violet , Ali Machinsky and Sebastian Sebart. To be associated with such great names is a huge honor and together Skymaster will produce even better jets for you the customer

Why Skymaster?

1. Backed by the 3 biggests names in the industry: Bob Violett, Ali Machinski and Sebastiano Silvestri.

2. Landing gear design by Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering Dr Li Kai using aircraft grade alluminium.

3. Lay up by 3 time glider champion Mr Lee using imported epoxy and glass.

4. Owner Anton Lin winner of many DF events test flew all types of jets and build many kits over 30 years gaining vast experience.

5. Static & Dynamic testing on all products before release, ensuring trouble free operation flight after flight.

Why spend1000s of your hard earn cash on the best turbines & electronics and then risk the chance of losing it all by installing it in untested

cheap arfs? Just to save 10% on TOTAL INVESTMENT? Call now and make sure you get a return on investment by joining the best!

Here are some of the Skymaster people who will make the best Products for you

Anton Lin (Taiwan) / Managing Director  
(Designer & Test pilot) 

over 30 years RC Airplanes & 20 years RC Jets Experience

Lee Chang Hua / Fiber Glass work Engineer & Glider Pilot 
(5 times F3B Champion of China )
Who also made the Composite Gliders for Grapuner Germany 
& OK Models Japan

Li Kai (Taiwan) / Machine Engineer & Test Pilot
(Who was designed the AV-8 with hydraulic Oleo Legs and inflatable tires & F-16 1/6 scale L/G )


A Huang (Hong Kong) / Technology Inspector General
(2003 Thailand JWM HK Team Professional Builder)

Kuan Hung Wu (Taiwan) / General Manager

John / Sales Manager

Mike Lin (Paint Factory Manager)

Vicky / Assistant 

Zeng Kuo Yuong  (Directs development  & QC )

Chen Jian Hui  (Directs production & QC )

Sang (#3Factory Director)

Zuo Chun Lei (development Supervisor)

Zoung Lin Lin (Glass work Supervisor)



Yang Hu (Accessories supporter)



R &D / and  CNC Machine  for the mould of the wings

Mr. Anton Lin / Owner of Skymaster Jets

also Mr. Anton Lin was a Excellent test flyer who has helped many many Customers' First Flight to 
over 60 different R/C Jet Planes in Taiwan with mainland China and just finished the 120 Jets maiden flight at past a a few years

 ( Kangaroo, Hotspot, Stra-Jet, Exocet, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-18E/F, F-22. F-5. F-20. BAe Hawk MB-339, Rafale A, 
Rafale-B, Mig-29, Mirage-2000, Large L-39, T-33, Tri-Star, F-86, F-4.Viper Jet, F-100,T-38...... etc.)

This picture was taken in 1998 RC Jet Meeting Taiwan.

Mr. Anton Lin claimed 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes

Anton Lin with Skymaster MB-339 behalf Taiwan team for present 6 th Jet world Master Hungary  2005

(This picture was taken in finished 3rd Flight with Taiwan team in 6th JWM Hungary)

Home / New Products Avanti XL / Bae Hawk /Large Hawk /F-4 / Large F-4 / T-33 / T-45 / F-80 / F-14 / F-9F Cougar / F-9F Panther / PC-21 /F-104 /
F-16 (1/6) /
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/ About us / Dealers & Link  /introduction Manual / E-Mail: skymasterjets@263.net  or skymasterjets@hotmail.com