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Skymaster F-14XXL power by K-235 & all MKS servos  

Skymaster Su-30 power by K-210s & all MKS servos

Hans Wüthrich 3. Place in the new category Turboprop at the Jet World Masters 2023 in Rivanazzano Italy



the F-15XXL maiden power by K-235s , all MKS servos , pilot : Anton Lin

Skymaster 1/5 F-15C maiden (youtube.com)


Words can’t express how amazing this plane fly’s. So amazingly stable both wing swept it straight. Takes off in 200ft. I flew at half power the whole flight, there is zero need for an engine bigger than 180N-200N. Henry Castellanos


Hello Anton.

I would just like to say how happy I am with the SU-30. It flys like no other Rc jet I've ever experienced, I am so pleased with it!!

Thanks to you and your team!! Mark Tatti

Hi SM team,
Hope all is well. We had another great flight with the F14.
Sharing an awesome video for your enjoyment! Love the Skymaster Jets!
Thank you Amir Abtahi


Hi Skymaster team,

I am all smiles.
Every now and then we come across a magical flight with everything just being perfect. Well, the F4 with this paint scheme and the great flight characteristics is the magic. Supported by friends, cannot ask for anything better in this hobby. I love this jet. It is absolutely the sexiest F4! Thank you

Thank you Amir Abtahi



F-14XL & L-159 maiden pilot: Anton Lin

Hi Skymaster Team,

Attached is a video of my F16 maiden.
Amazing machine! It flew Amazing. This is everything I thought a 1/5 scale F16 would be. It is a gorgeous model in the air.
Great work with the weathering. Thank you for amazing model!
amir abtahi



8 solid flights on the Skymaster SU30 1/6
Swiwin 220 x 2
Bluebird H51B Helical gear servos x 14
Futaba 18SZ
Big thanks to Paul Rastegar for all the assistance.

Skymaster Su30!!!The beast at the field!!!!Dounis Airfield

Fantastiche persone e fantastici aeromodellisti!!! Tutti!!!

Su-30 skymaster / 2x k260g4 / jetiDs24 / CB310

Wander Miguel Peres Tavares──Cianorte Parana

Rainer Klauenberg

😊😊 SKYMASTER SU30 / Yunchai Boonchai

Skymaster Su-30 Mark Tatti

John Bowls perfect maiden the F-4XL by 2 x k160g4+


Davon Lamprecht Skymaster Viper XXL

Andy PC21 at Maverics

Andre Le Roux Avanti at Maverics

Gideon de Villiers at Maverics

Fun day with the new XXL Skymaster F-86XXL in Ottawa Doug Boyle



Please see the attached Skymaster SU 30 owned and flown by Steve Johnson, it looks and flies amazing.


Alistair Powers.

Newark, United Kingdom.

Skymaster Hawk XXL with Kingtech K320g2. What a nice flying jet. Thank you Skymaster and Anton Lin. Morne SA

Skymaster Su-30 with the VT nozzles powered by K-235s / Pilot : Likai



Anton flew Su-27UB powered by K210's , MKS servo ,Power box Royal ,


Skymaster Su-30 maidened power by ATJ-220s


Congratulations to Henry Castellanos

2020 Top Gun

Placed 1st in ProAm Sport Jet / Skymaster SU30
Best Military Jet / Skymaster SU30

Skymaster Su-30SM maidened  powered by K210's , MKS servo ,Power box Royal ,


Skymaster Su-27 & Su-30 / Pilots: Ahmed Nasser & Monsour

7 Skymaster Su-30 attended Jet Meeting China

Skymaster F-104's Taiwan airforce color scheme .,

full day of flying Skymaster Su-27 powered by P-220's /  Ahmed Nasser

Skymaster Su-27 maiden with P-220s, all MKS servos , Power Box Core, Royal

1/6 scale fighter jets session at MAB Blagnac with Arnaud Sense @loopingrc !

Skymaster F-18 C (2xmerlin200) & Skymaster SU-30 MKll (2xk260) pilot: Vincent Barrue

I bought the PC-21 from Skymaster-Jet. It flies fantastic and I am very satisfied. I am sending you some pictures for your archive.

On FB under the name “Jaberg Christoph” there are still construction photos of the PC-21.

I would feel happy and proud if some of them could find their way to your informative homepage for other constructors.

Aviator greetings from Switzerland

Christoph Jaberg
Modellflug TOTAL

Hello Anton,
thank you very much for making my boy dream come true! The TOMCAT flies like a dream and as if on rails.
 2 x Jetcat P180RX, Powerbox ROYAL and Futaba FX-36.
Marco from Switzerland

wow. 415km/h
Skymaster hawk100 1/4.75. powered by K140,
Pilot Theo


Skymaster pilots with Skymaster jets at MAVERICK JET SHOW : Tiaan , Zac , Morné , Gideon , Theo, Karl and Andy

Skymaster 1/6.25 F-18f powered by K160s , Radio : Spektrum IX20 , Pilot: Shaquille James



Maiden flight today in Marzaglia. SU30 Skymaster jets. With Anton Lin
and Seba Silvestri
. Thanks a lot to my assistant Angelo Minici
. Wonderful plane, great satisfaction

Skymaster Su-30SM maidened in Beijing China

Last evening here at the Wingham airport, what a great week we had flying and being around close friends.
We had a number of nice jets here, but I must say I was impressed with the way the new Skymaster SU 30 and big Phantom preformed.
Doug Boyle from Jets North was a great help keeping all us equipped with the latest Kingtech engines, JR servos and Skymaster toys.

the pilot Levent win 1 place at Xi An Jet meeting 2020 with Skymaster PC21 and K100tp

Skymaster PC-21 , Pilot : Robin Trumpp

Dear Anton

Maidened my su-30mk, it's unbelievable!!! It flies on rails, no need of gyro at all.....landings are so easy!!!

My set up is two frank turbines, one ft180 and one ft220... No need to derate.... :).... Dry weight is 27kg, powerbox champion + Core


Happy to report success with maiden and test flights. (1/3.65 BAe Hawk)

Rich Pandis

Maiden flight for Pablo Pérez de Tudela!!! His new SU-30 took flight today with complete success.
Powered by 2x Jet Central Rhinos.
Powerbox Royale, and batteries.
Transmitter the new Powerbox Core.


Skymaster 1/6 Su-30 3D flight / Pilot: Henry Castellanos


Hi Anton I wanted to congratulate you again on a great model. I recently did the maiden of my SU-30 and it fly’s incredible.
It is a very fun jet to fly specially when you activate the vector thrust.
Thanks again on a great model!!!

Michel Durand


Hi Anton, John,

I would like to say thank you very much for such beautiful model, great looking in the air and on ground, very smooth and stable.

I used JetCat P-140RXi sited in the tail without trust tube, all JR servos around and PowerBox Mercury.

Hope you are well. Here is yet another maiden. Below is a video of my beautiful Skymaster F86. Another amazing masterpiece.
This plane is a must have! Love the handling of this aircraft.

Thank you



Hope you are well.

On August 23rd we maiden my Viper XXL.

It flew amazing. Another awesome bird in my collection. I am addicted to your amazing creations. Keep them coming!

My friends and I are truly appreciative of what you have done for this hobby. Thank you


If you wants to make the authorization (Zulassung) here in europe for Skymaster Viper Jet XXL,

that you can contact to Mr. Markus mailto:markus@tankverschluss.de

who can have you the documents. So a authorization is very very easy for your Skymaster Viper Jet XXL


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