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Customers 's Viper Jet

Skymaster Large Viper Jet with P-140 maiden

Another delivered ... Viper Jet Skymaster, turbine Jet Central Rhino, Jr8911 servants Igyro, 
hangar3d covers ... Congratulations Jorge Hoeltgebaum

two skymaster 2.6m Large vipers won red flag formation flying 2016

Hello Anton,

Just thought I would email a picture of my viperjet purchased from Intairco in Australia.
I have flown RC for over 40 years but only just started with jets a couple of years ago.
This is without a doubt the best model that I have ever flown. Thanks.

P180RX, 18MZ, and all intairco accessories.

Regards, Damien Milk.

Skymaster Large Viper Jet  maiden flight in ChengDu SiChuan China

hi Anton. 

Another ViperJet MK2 flying here in Brazil, wonderful aircraft, fitted with 9157 Futaba servos, pneumatics Airpower,
JetCat Turbine P160SX, smoke Sullivan, radio JR12X. and as always, assembled by Marquinho Modelismo team.

oi Anton. 

Outro ViperJet MK2 voando aqui no Brasil, maravilhoso avião, equipado com servos Futaba 9157, pneumática Airpower,
Turbina JetCat P160SX, fumaça Sullivan, rádio JR12X. 

e como sempre, montado pela equipe Marquinho Modelismo.

Hi Anton this is my viper jet powered by kingtech k180G almost done thanks for making such great model

Abdulrahman Al-jabri

Skymaster Large Viper Jets / Ken McSpadden & Mike Adams flying formation at Castle AFB


Hi Jonh,

Here you have some pictures of the Vipers. We are really happy, and enjoying a lot with these wonderful planes.

You can see a video here:


Best Regards


It was excellent thanks, México, DF

Hi Anton,

   Congrats,  Skymaster Team for the wonderfull work With the ViperJet MKII , I Made the first flight  here in Brazil Rainforest, my Jet has a Rhino Turbine, JR8711 servos and Futaba 18MZ.



Misha Javornik con su SKYMASTER Viperjet

Una foto del recuerdo, Claudio Herrera el día del estreno de su nuevo Viperjet de SKYMASTER, con una turbina Jet Central Rhino y un Powerbox Royale.

Hi John
Viper was flown today for its first flight at Pine Hill Jet Rally in NY.
The Viper was a hit and the paint scheme was the main focus of the pilots and spectators.
This jet was flawless in flight.

Great Job Skymaster .

Doug Boyle

Jet North Canada


Nigel Hunt from Victoria Australia with his Viper Jet powered by Jetcat P180. Looks & flies like a dream come true.

Hello John,  

this large Viperjet in May 2012 I have made the 3rd Place at the German Championship for Jet aerobatic. It flies just great and very accurate. The landings of the Viper are first class. Recently, I have the Viper from a Frank Turbine TJ 70/16 to about 17.5 kg of thrust for a new Frank Turbine TJ 180 Raptor WM light edition version with about 21 kg of thrust convented. Now she has, despite a slight reduction of the turbine of 123,000 U/min. at 120,000 U/min. the necessary passage for the powerful jet aerobatics. The full power of this turbine ist to havy for this nice jetmodel.

I'll send you some photos of my Viperjet for your homepage!


Rainer Abel

Hello John, Anton,

an other picture of my ViperJet Arf Plus this 5th of August at a meeting on the highest field of France (1500m alt). 2500 peoples could see your Viper flying.
No problem for it. Take off in 120m and landing a little bit faster than at 0m. An other time, thank's for this wonderfull plane.

Regards. yann lestavel

Hi Anton.

This is ViperJet is mounted with a JetCat P160SX, JR servos and receiver 12 channels, smoke system, complete enlightenment.

is simply wonderful, very stable.

All installation and maintenance is performed by the staff of Marquinho Models

Skymaster Large Viper Jet Powered by K-170


Hello Anton, John.

My Viper is now with smoke system. Wonderful flights without any modification of the plane characteristics with 1kg more at take off.
Here is a picture this week-end at a meeting in south-west of France.

Yann Lestavel


Hi Anton,

Just test-flew my new ViperJet, it's powered by a Wren 160, flying with a Futaba 18MZ. Build was done by Bill Hatcher, paint by Andy Herold (modeled after a T-2 Buckeye we liked). The plane also has a Details4Scale lighting system. It flies beautifully .. thanks for a terrific model.

Dave McQueeney
Potomac, MD, USA

Hello Anton, John. First flight of this year for my ViperJet ARF plus. With the ViperJet of my friend Christian Herit.
Meeting in south of France. Windy conditions and the plane still fly great. 2000 people went to see your wonderfull plane.
Christian as a cut off engine during is flight and he as no problem to come back without engine. This plane "glide" very well.



Hi John,
How are you?
I fly the viper jet this week end , the plane's magic !

Best regard

Dimitri (from France)

Hello, here is my new Jet... VIPER JET.

Great finish, nice fly!!

Congratulations with a lot of smoke!

Best Regards!

Luciano Rebecchi – Birigui - Brazil

Skymaster Large Viper Jet dry weight 17.5kg (38.5lbs) Powered by Jet Cat P-140RX / Pilot: Anton Lin


first flight: http://youtu.be/d4yyHX2QTXI 

second: http://youtu.be/XiVtPk24CWU 

# 3 and #4 flights:





Hi Anton we did the maiden flight of the Viperjet, powered with a Jet Central Rhino. The jet flew incredible, as usual very smooth and predictable.

The new owner Claudio Herrera is very happy with the jet.





Hello John, Anton.

Here is an other picture with my Viperjet Skymaster ARF plus and the Viperjet of my friend Christian Herit. This was at a big meeting en center of France the 4th of september with 10000 visitors!
The flights where wonderfull on other time whith a lot of kisslandings. That will be difficult to find a better plane!

Thank's again and hope you spent a good time at Jetpower.

Yann Lestavel (France)

Dear Anton Lin

I would like to thanks a lot for your efforts and for your courtesy that you have demonstrated.

You have made a best plane that I ever flow!!!

Thanks again Lin

I hope (and I’m sure) that you will have a great success in a Jet Power 2011


Marco Rossaro



Hi John, Anton,
here's some pictures of my Viper Jet ARF Plus at a very big meeting in south of France. An other great time of flying with my Viper.
Now it is possible to make a landing with only 50 meters! Thank's again for this wonderful plane.

Hi Anton / John, I have enclosed a picture of my big Viper she flies on rails and the landings are so easy, power is from a Jetcat P160sx and guidance from JR 2.4 radio. I took this picture the day before an airshow display last weekend, Thanks again for a great plane she is just a dream to fly. Best Regards Simon Parker.


Hello Anton,

in the appendix you can find some pics from our beautiful Skymaster Jets.

F4 from Ewald Trumpp with Jet Cat P160SE and Viper Jet from Holger Küstner with Jet Cat P160SX.

Best regards, Holger (Germany)

Hi Anton

Attached you will find some Pictures from my maiden flight.

I was not really nervous, but highly sensitive at the moment where the throttle was pulled forward. But after a few seconds,
 the viper went airborne and maiden flight was felt and shown as it was flight number 100. Two trim ticks to depth,
… that was it. Nothing else to do, except enjoying the flight and especially the landing.

Some colleagues beside, even with jet experience, was surprised about the wonderful function of the landing gear.
The jet was on the runway like it was glued. No jumping, no nervous steering. Wonderful.

Strut Airpressure app. 7 bar. Weight 17.6 kg dry, 21.4 kg with full tanks.

The CG is at 235 mm from the Wing leading edge and fits perfect. Ailerons with 29 mm up, and 24 mm down, and the viper rolls, even slow rolls,
like on a straight line with very minimal support (perhaps 5%) of the elevators and rudder.

Thanks a lot for those wonderful Jet. With best regards Rainer

Hi John,Anton

here's some pictures with 3 Viperjets and a Dragon at a meeting near Chateaux de la loire in France today. Very good flights.

Hey John

We had a weekend meeting of jets
The hyper jet performed a test flight was amazing
Here are the pictures amazing weekend in Arava Valley in Israel
The pilots Nissm Gell and Lior Zahavi
The second model airplane Fly test in two weeks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z ... ure=player_embedded

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I ... ure=player_embedded


Best regards
Yossi Shveka


On November 14th 2010, Greg Foushi earned his AMA Turbine waiver with this Viper Jet 2m. I had the honors of performing the test flight, then the second flight was all Greg’s.  Greg powered this fine model with a JetCat P-80 SE converted to Kero start.  Greg reports that the aircraft flies great and is easy to land. Furthermore, the Viper Jet 2m is Greg’s first jet, I am sure it won’t be his last!

Congrats Greg from everyone at BVM and Skymaster!




Hello John,

just to tell you that my Viperjet is wonderful. I made 10 flights and everything is OK. This is my first jet and I can tell to everybody that it  is possible to start in jet models with your Viperjet Skymaster ARF Plus. This is a star in the sky and on the stand. Thank's for this.

Here's some pictures.

Best regards


It’s the most beautiful and best airplane I have ever flown!

Enjoy, Gonzalo

Skymaster ViperJet #VP03  powered by Jet Cat P-160 / Pilot: Mr. Alessandro Fratini

Air Power EVSD-5U-PRO-ST - BVM "Ultimate Air Trap" (U.A.T.)

PowerBox Royal plus PowerBox Smokepump

Futaba T14MZ PLUS 2 Receivers FP R6014 HS 2.4 Ghz

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chv3tWRn3sg


Hi Anton,

me and my friend Steve (on my shoulder :-) want to thank you for this marvellous airplane. The best one I ever had in my life… It's really incredible how it flies!!!

Ciao from Rome, Italy Alessandro / www.jonathan.it

Hi Anton

I've flown my Viperjet few times and it's one of the better planes I've flown so far!
I'm having too much fun with it! Really solid and stable, tracks good and is an all around a great flying machine.

You can see few more pictures here >


Best regards,
Sverrir Gunnlaugsson, Iceland

Hi to all at Skymaster jets,

Finally my Viper Jet got in the air and I must say that is a very stable and easy to fly jet, even with 22 knots of crossing winds it is landing under control. The aircraft is powered by a Merlin 160 motor, JR Pro R/C, Eagletree Telemetry System and Detail for Scale lighting System. Thank you for producing such a good model aircraft.

Jose M. Moreno

Hi Anton

Some pictures  of The MAIDEN FLIGHT. from my new Viperjet.  powered by Jet Cat P-160SX.

The Viperjet is really a great flying jet whit high performance. 

Best regards.

 JETCAT-ED From  the Netherlands.

Hello Anton

I send you some pictures of my new VIPERJET ... for me is the best jet that exists now on the market .. Hello and thanks

Skymaster ARF PLUS Large Viper Jet Powered by Jet Cat P-120

Hello Anton.

I finally got around to maiden my Viperjet this past weekend. I flies very well even on a Simjet 2300. Thank you for making such great quality models.

Best regards

Stig Andersen Short Term Planner

Hi Anton, I've attached some pictures of my new Viperjet ARF PLUS for your gallery.
I did the maiden flight and the plane flys very well. The Viperjet is very easy to fly and stable at low speed.
It is powered by a Frank turbine TJ74S (16Kg thrust). The weight is 20Kg empty.
Congratulations to you and all the Skymaster team.



OMG I had the chance to maiden my Viper and what a plane! It flew incredibly well and the landing was just a ****cat! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
retracts works super well even though I didn’t change anything in the cylinders….. or reposition them…. I just put 110PSI…. and the brakes what can I say superb!….. can hold the Jet at full power.

Dry weight is about 41.5 lbs and the Jetcat P160SX a total perfect match! The Viper barely fits in my Jeep!..... is huge!!!

Special thanks to Ali for the inspiration and to SM for the Viper ARF Pro that save me tons of hours on building! and very special thanks to my friend Paul for spotting for me!!!! We definetly were to busy to take pictures in the air! 

Enjoy the pictures!


Hi Anton I did the maiden of my new Viperjet. The jet is powered by a Jet Central Rhino. All I can say is “Excellent Job”…
The Viperjet is really a great flying jet, very easy to fly and stable on all situations. This is definitely recommended for novice and advance pilots.

Michel JetsRC www.jetsrc.com


Hi Anton,

Here are pictures taken of my Viper Jet at SCCMAS Tomcats field in Morgan Hil, California.  I love this plane!

Thanks, Danfley









Hi Anton here are a few pictures from the first Viperjet in Argentina. The jet owner is Ariel Carmona from Mendoza and he did an amazing job with his friend Misha Javornik in building this jet. The Viperjet flies very well and it was shown at the Jets Under the Southern Cross event in Argentina.

Best regards, Michel JetsRC


2009 Top Gun / Joey Tamez campaigned the big Skymaster Viper Jet in the Pro-Am category.

Hello and how are you?  Just back from Temora Jets and you will be pleased to know that my Viper Jet won 'Best ARF Jet' of the show.  Attached photo of both mine and Damien's Viper Jet at Temora.  They both received lots of attention at the show thats for sure.  Thank you once again to you and your team as the jet is fantastic...Warm regards James

Hello Anton, how are you.

Just a quick email to thank you and your team for building such a fabulously capable jet.  Please attached photos of my much loved Viper Jet which was built by Phil Celima. The Viper Jet has now had four flights here in Sydney Australia and I loko forward to another 400! Simply perfection. Thank you warm regards Dr James Ellingford



Hi John, Mr Montenegro sent to you the vipper mayden flight for you web,

he said : it is the best jet than never I have flown

Hello John.

Good promo footage from LA-jets 2009 with my Viper Jet


Attached is a couple of pictures. Viper Jet, Jetcat P-200, Smart-Fly Power board, Futaba 14MZ

  Jeff Tolomeo Skymaster-USA Director Customer Support & Dealer relations

PH 818-994-4598/ FX 818-994-4599

Hi Anton 

 I will send some photos of the new Viper that we built ( and test flew ) for a customer. Al

Skymaster Viper Jets attended the CA Jet meet USA / photo from Ali Machinchy

Hi Anton, Thought you might like these for your website. Flew the ViperJet today - awesome jet!!

Will send links to video soon if you like? Cheers, Mark

Video: http://www.vimeo.com/4448120

Ali Machinchy with his Skymaster ARF PLUS Viper Jet powered by Jet Cat P-160 


Skymaster ARF PLUS Viper Jet / Owner Mr. Ron Long from AZ USA


Maiden Flight Video: http://www.skymasterjet.com/ViperJet.wmv 

release date : Oct of 2008












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