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Viper Jet  M

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X-Treme ARF PLUS Viper Jet(2M)





Length: 78.5 " (2000mm). Wingspan: 85.8' (2180mm).included winglets

Dry weight: 22.5 - 23 lbs (10.5 - 11kg)

Power: 16~21Lb (7~9kg) thrust (for K-80 or P-70, P-80 or Rabbit )

Radio: min. 8 ~ 13 Servos required

 Kit Feature: Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spar 
Aluminum tube for elevator 
Aluminum tube for vertical fins shaft
All live Hinging with precision gap sealing
Accurate scale surface with details  
Super light and much stronger

(Designer & Test Flight Pilot : Anton Lin)

Changed to Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell $ 85.00 / order No: #AP512K

included Scale Landing Gear package  / (Made in Taiwan)

Cockpit details for Viper jet installed $ 195.00 (w/o Pilots )

We accept the Payment by PayPal or Credit card ..


Special $ 2395,-
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware) 

Professional External Painted  #VP30

Professional External Painted   #VP50A

Professional External Painted   #VP50B


Professional External Painted    #VP50

Professional External Painted    #VP50D

Professional External Painted   #VP60

Special $ 2395,-(Combo) 
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardward) 

Professional External Painted only #VP95

Professional External Painted only #VP94

Professional External Painted only #VP93

Professional External Painted only #VP92

Professional External Painted  only #VP40A

Professional External Painted only #VP40B

Professional External Painted only #VP80

Professional External Painted only #VP90

new wing bag for  2M  viper jet / $ 49.00USD


BVM "Ultimate Air Trap" (U.A.T.) $ 79.50 USD

Plus $ 59.- USD to get the Pilot 1/6 for  Viper Jet 2M

Viper 2M from Chen-Du China


Hi Anton and John, one more amazing day in Brazil, 4 ViperJets 2m flying in wonderful day at Willian’s Airport.
Pica Pau JetCat P80
Alexandre Bruno JetCat P140
João Paulo Flumignan JetCentral Cheetah
Rodrigo Bruno JetCat P120SX
All jets assembled by Marquinho Modelismo

Felicitaciones!!!Gran jet lo tengo en Veracruz mexico………Espero les




great model with great flying



Dry weight: 12 Kg

Wet weight: 15 KgPower: JetCat 140


Regards Jiri

Ø   Viper ( VP91 ) M2  powered with :  P-80  Jet Cat      /      Wonderfull maiden flight with no surprises …

Ø  Congratulations to Skymaster Team

Regards Geraldo   -    AIA     -     ITU      Brazil   

Hello friends!


Took this 2m Viper from Israel to the AeroShock event in Ukraine (http://aeroshock.com.ua/), Look how happy this Viper is...


Ofir Babish

Team Israel

AeroShock 2013

This was the Maiden Flight of My Skymaster/Xtreme Jets 2M Viper at Markham Park. Nov 21, 2012 Winds at 12MPH out of the NNW. Excellent Flight


I have bought the Viperjet 2m with Jet model in Brazil and I'm very very happy with the flight of that, the design and performance are amazing.

I post the construction review in my website, the link is:


Thank you,
Fábio Niro Machado - Hangar3D  Brazilian Team

Hello Anton

I have flow now the Viper it flies easier on every flight.

I’m using Futaba T18 MZ S-Bus plus I-Gyro with GPS Sensor and Gemini power supply from Power Box.

The take off is superb Vertical climb excellent. Top speed measured on horizontal flight is going up to 280km/h.

The turbine I’m using is a BF100 with 12Kg of thrust. 

Kind regards


BMW Group
Friedrich Mursch
80788 München

Mike Lesher from Lebanon, Pa. enjoys this X-Treme Jets Viper II.  Mike's smile reflects his satisfaction with the product and the fabulous "First In Flight" event.

Hi John and Anton ,finally made the Maiden Flight  for my Viper 2M.

Amazing flight  powered by jetcat P-80 SE

Jet flys very nice and easy and it's beautiful in flight

Thanks for everything !

Stelios Stylianou


   “  Viper 2M ( VP 70 ) powered by P-80 SE made the Maiden Flight with absolutely no faults “ Very Nice Plane for Jet beginners !

       Amazing flight characteristics specially at slow speeds full Flap Gear down for Landing …

       Congratulations to Skymaster Team for delivering a high quality Great Model !!

       From :  Geraldo ( Brazil ) -  AIA  Itu

Hello Anton,

our three Viper Xtremjet on our property in Switzerland. Jetcat Turbine P-80 and P-120.

Jet to fly nice and beautiful in flight. thank you... 

Sam, Stéphane et Jean-Paul

Hi Anton we did the maiden flight of the Viperjet, powered with a Jet Central Rhino. The jet flew incredible, as usual very smooth and predictable.

The new owner Claudio Herrera is very happy with the jet.





This is a picture of Alan D'Elena's XtremeJets Viperjet flown in Pensylvania last weekend ..

all the best, 

Wojtek Iwanczyk


Dear All

The SM 2M Viper Jet completed its maiden flight yesterday with complete success, no trim changes of any kind and slow flight was a delight to watch , all up dry weight 12kgs with 3.25 L of fuel , temp +35 , QNH 1005 mbs.

The combination of the Merlin 140 and airframe was simply perfect and it even flies better than its big brother, piloted by no other than Maff’s own CV custom made RJAF pilots, JR 8511 servos and Power Box systems, Twin 5200 Duralite batteries,  JR 1221 receiver unit , Jetronics valves and all controlled by a JR 12X radio.

Congratulation Anton/john for an excellent kit and Gaspar for a great Turbine

Best regards


Captain Sami A Ammounah



Hello John,

With great pleasure I`m sending you these pictures of my 2m SM Viper.

It愀 finished with Promark Rivets, Access panels, Sport jet kit and the best accessories from Bvm.

The Viper It愀 powered with a Jet Cat P-80 SE, Futaba 6014 Receiver, Futaba Digital servos and brake/ gear valves from Jet-Tronics .

The maiden was on the Domaine du Planet (France), the Viper is fantastic to fly with no bad habits...

Anton/John! Thanks for a great product and support.


Lasse Palm



Hello Anton/John

Just wanted to let you know that the 1st Skymaster 2M Viper jet in whole UAE had completed its 6th flight perfectly and it’s ready for UAE TOP JET event which is going to be held on 2nd Dec 2010. This model is powered by G-Booster 80+ and it has the ability & the capability to perform any maneuvers that trainee/pro pilot would like. So thank you for such amazing model

Here’s some pictures and it would be highly appreciated if you can post so of them in your web page


Manea A. Al Shamesi

X-Treme ARF PLUS Viper Jet (2M) maiden flight on 25 of Nov 2009

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlOlObBRXhs&feature=related  (test flight)


Skymaster / X-Treme Jet Viper Jet 2M at Florida Jets Powered by Jet Cat P-80 SE
Demo Pilot: Ali Machinchy





Ali Machinchy with his X-Treme Jets/ Skymaster ARF PLUS Viper Jet 2M powered by Jet Cat P-80 SE